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Signature Body, Signature Style

Signature Style is the aesthetic translation of self into an outward appearance. In order to have Signature Style you first need to embrace a positive understanding of yourself and your body, and cease comparing yourself to society’s ever changing standard of beauty.

"Linda is intuitively aligned with what I desire in relationship to my personal style and wardrobe management. I now have a more thorough understanding of my self and how to integrate and express this through an outward appearance in how I dress myself." --Catheryne

Someone with signature style projects confidence because she knows what works best for her and consistently dresses to enhance her unique body and personality.

Linda will help you learn how to embrace your uniqueness and express it outwardly so you will feel great and get favorable recognition from others. Do you know your body is built to convey your unique physical presence? That your hair and skin reveal the amount of texture you can wear? Do you know your signature colors? Linda will show you all this and more…

Take the Signature Style Quiz | See Linda talk about body types | See Linda talk about Signature Style

"Before Linda I didn't know it was possible to be a woman vice president in my company and still dress genuinely for myself. She showed me how to balance my external presentation with my personality and self-perception and now my image matches who I am: powerful and every bit as feminine" --Carmen Carey